Syrian Gov. plans to boost Industrialists' Work and to increase Production and Export /DP News 9-7-2012

Syrian Premiere Dr. Riyad Hijab stressed Sunday that his government has been committed at providing all forms of support to Syrian industry in order to enable it to increase its production and export capacity and competitiveness in foreign markets.
Premiere Hijab comments came as he chaired a meeting with the head and members of the Board of Directors of Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry.

Dr. Hijab also called for boosting cooperation and integration between the government and the Syrian chambers of industry to develop the industrial sector and overcoming the difficulties and obstacles it is suffering from at the current stage.

During the meeting, it was initially agreed on allotting the needed land for both Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry to establish industrial parks for the small and tiny facilities, a plan aimed to boost industrial production, and taking the required measures and procedures to start setting up these parks.

Another meeting was held between the Minister of Finance with the members of the ministries of industry and economy, the Central Bank of Syria and Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry to study the financial issues of interest to the industrialists.

Talks discussed ways to activate the role of the Exporters' Union through opening new foreign offices in friendly countries in for promoting Syrian industrial products in all foreign markets.